Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Power UP!

Power up with Powered Speakers!

KHE have new powered speakers in stock and Melbourne is buzzing! These fun speakers are Bluetooth compatible, USB and SD Card, Audio input and 2 Microphone Inputs.

These units also have fabulous party lights and they come with two wireless microphones as standard! What a bargain!
Come in and see them for yourself, at 553 Centre Rd Bentleigh VIC 3204!
See KHE.com.au/stores for our opening hours!

Monday, 7 March 2016


How did everyone love Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line last night in Melbourne? Fantastic, no doubt! Well, now that you’re all country buzzing, we have the best in country music Karaoke just for you!
Head over to www.CDGKaraoke.com.au or www.KaraokeMP3G.com.au and get all the country music you will need to keep your country vocal cords sharp!

Ours stores are also open, so if you want to come down and have a look for yourself, you can find our locations at www.KHE.com.au/stores or call us on 1300 550 630!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Get your cowboy boots out...!

Get your cowboy boots, hat and that old lasso out of the cupboard, it is time for country music legends to grace Melbourne with their great sound! That’s right, 7pm tomorrow night at Jason Aldean will be playing at Margaret Court Arena and also for the first time playing in Australia… Florida Georgia Line will be performing as well!

So if you haven’t got your tickets yet, there is still time! Click

But if you have got your tickets and are ready to rock those cowboy boots in with the boys, then grab our Karaoke CDGs to help you practice all your favourite tunes before you go tomorrow night and to help the party roll on throughout the week!

Search now for Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line on www.CDGKaraoke.com.au or download the hot tracks at www.KaraokeMP3G.com.au

Friday, 4 March 2016

Saturday Night Fever...!

In the lyrics of the Bee Gees: “Then I get night fever, night fever | We know how to do it | Gimme that night fever, night fever | We know how to show it … Here I am, prayin' for this moment to last | livin' on the music so fine | borne on the wind, |  makin' it mine”
Where are you going with your Saturday Night Fever next weekend?

Wherever you are going, we have an 80s Karaoke DVD that will keep the party going all night long – with 100 of the Best 80s Tracks ever made, you will not be sorry!
Plays in any standard DVD player or in dedicated karaoke machines!
Click here to view songs and purchase now!
We have stocks in Melbourne and Perth, so email info@khe.com.au or call 1300 550 630 or just come in store to order!