Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Voice Singing Tips To Help You Sing Better

If you feel led to do something in music, and to be a good singer has been one of your frustrations, think again. Here are some voice singing tips that will help. Most professional singers are not born stars.

That should be encouraging to you and not hinder you from pursuing your dreams. The fact remains constant - everyone can be a great singer regardless of age or anything. Just consider the singing tips given below that will help you to keep your enthusiasm about singing.

Tip 1: Decide whether you want to hire a singing coach or just purchase some good singing software. There are always advantages and disadvantages between the two options. A guide from a professional is always better than to work on your voice alone. But, the availability and your convenience are always at stake.

Now, if you know your capacity and you can learn better even without a coach, then buying singing software could be best for you. But, you have to monitor your progress alone or record every practice and later on ask someone who knows something about singing to get their feedback. That way you can track your rate of improvement.

Tip 2: It's always good to get some inspiration from your favorite singer. On the other hand, if you feel sure that you want to make it in the singing industry, you have to find ways to be unique that will separate you from others. Choose songs best for your voice, your own style of music and experiment on having a different singing style that will create your own identity.

Tip 3: Take care of your asset. If for example, you gain the level of being a professional singer and you really have what it takes to be a star, never ever take for granted your voice. Smoking can worsen your voice and you are more likely to increase the rate of throat cancer. Same thing with alcohol, avoid any alcoholic drinks and caffeine because there is a tendency that your voice may get irritated.

Drinking lots and lots of water is best recommended, warm water to be in particular as cold drinks can also irritate the vocal cords. Last, don't misuse your vocal cords like doing unnecessary loud talking. Let your voice rest, your vocal cords deserve a quality break.

Tip 4: Pay attention to all of the singing techniques and make sure you do them the right way. It's very easy to determine whether you are doing it wrong, if you are straining your voice.

Properly breathing to produce quality in your voice is always the primary concern, the correct posture, placing the tongue and soft palate in the right position, hitting the right key, improving vocal range, and many other essential techniques that every singer has to know are very important lessons that need to be taken seriously.

Tip 5: Practice, practice, and practice to master your craft. Even if you feel that you are a very confident singer. Make sure to do the warm ups properly, do the routine correctly, and never forget to do the cool down exercise right after the routine.

Article by
Joe Glavosek

Friday, 10 October 2014

Karaoke For The Kids


What's the one thing all kids love to do.. Sing

Yes singing, they love watching TV's shows like X-Factor, Australia's Got Talent, The Voice and Voice Kids and they want to join in.

Karaoke for the kids is a great way to keep your kids entertained all year round with birthday parties, Christmas holidays, new years eve parties and breaking up school holiday boredom.

Its fun for all ages, even the adults, yes once the kids are tucked in at night give it a go!

Singing is a great educational learning tool as it helps your kids with their reading as they sing-along with the on-screen lyrics.

Singing a great confidence booster for children when they get up and sing in front of others.

Its easy, affordable and great family fun and your friends will love it too.

We get many calls from parents looking to hire a karaoke system for a children's birthday party or special occasion, when we tell them how cheap it is to own a system and its yours forever they are really surprised.

See in most cases they have been quoted around $200 to $300 for the hire of a system for a few hours of fun.

This is like a second present that just keeps on giving for all the special occasions still to come.

The range of karaoke music available is massive all the latest Australian radio hits are available including popular children's songs and nursery rhymes and grows weekly.

There are Karaoke options for everyone starting from as little as $69.99 with the Karaoke Converter, which connects to your home DVD Player and comes with two microphones and some DVDs to get you started.

It's a simple and superfast solution that will have you singing along to Karaoke DVD's in around 5 minutes with the lyrics coming up on your home television and the sound coming from either your TV or home theatre system.

The Karaoke Boom Box is a very popular option for the Kids as it a multi-purpose device, which can play normal Audio CD's and MP3's (from USB port), has an FM Radio and is a full function world zoned DVD player so you can watch movies from around the world on the big inbuilt 9" LCD screen which folds into the top of the machine.

Also available for the unit is a retro games pack with 300 classic video games and two USB gaming controllers for extra fun!

With its built in 20 watt sound system your good to go, it even has a 150 minute rechargeable battery inbuilt which charges when you connect it to the mains power.

So this is a truly portable machine which can also be connected to a larger TV and Amplifier and sound system when you want to increase the fun factor.

And lastly its a Karaoke Machine with two microphone inputs complete with echo control and will play both Karaoke CD+G discs and Karaoke DVD discs, plus you can also alter the song key, stepping it up or down from the original if you need too making it better suited to your singing style.

So a truly portable all-rounder device which the kids can enjoy in their bed room or out doors with friends.

The next level up is The Sonken MP-600 Karaoke Machine, this dedicated player connects directly to your home television using the RED/WHITE and YELLOW RCA cables, for the on-screen lyrics and sound, it can be connected to a home theatre system or amplifier and speaker system for a bigger and larger sound experience.
This unit also plays both Karaoke CD+G discs and Karaoke DVD discs but this Karaoke Machine can also play Digital Downloads in MP3+G format from a USB memory stick.

You can have some 1500 songs running from a USB memory stick from a simple to use on-screen song menu so you can quickly select your songs. With over 48,000 songs available on Digital Download and growing weekly this gives you great flexibility in growing your song library.

Single song or full album's can be downloaded instantly 24/7 with payment processed via PayPal, you then download to your PC and copy the files to a USB memory stick for use in a the Karaoke Machine.

As an added bonus this Karaoke Machine will also record your performance to a USB memory stick so you can improve your singing by playing back your performances and  share it with your friends. It also features Echo for the microphone and Key Control as well.

The Sonken MP600 is priced from only $129.99 super value...

So as you can see there are three super fun option so your kids can have Karaoke fun at home. Karaoke Home Entertainment Melbourne and Perth stores have many different package deals to suit all requirements and if you can't make it to a store simply call 1300 550 630 or shop online for fast delivery Australia wide.


Monday, 8 September 2014

Fill Up Your Tank and Sing with Sunfly Karaoke!

You can do Karaoke anytime, even when filling up your car with petrol.
Great video !
Check it out, everyone uses Sunfly Karaoke...

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Review and improve your singing with the aid of Recordio

The idea of this generally invokes one of two responses from people when we mention of the idea of recording your karaoke performances.

Its either, why would you want to do that? or... and oh really tell me more...

Yes the two couldn't be further apart there's not even a hope of middle ground here, for some people the idea is enough to freak them out, they just love to sing and have some fun.

But for many karaoke singers the idea is to improve their performance, so they practise the same song time and time again the same song until they nail it.

A popular way to help this process is to use Multiplex Karaoke Discs, also known as MPX. These are the same as the normal karaoke tracks but they also feature chorus line backing vocals. These discs give you the ability to switch the vocals on and off again, in real time.

The stereo backing track consists of a Left and Right audio channel. Using a Karaoke Machine you can knock out the left or right audio track, using the L/R button on your remote control. Together they play in Stereo, when you switch off the left track you drop the lead vocal leaving the just the backing track playing on the right, is is also known as the karaoke version which features the chorus line vocals only.

These MPX songs let you sing along with the cover artist, no it's not going to be Kylie Minogue or Frank Sinatra but a professional cover vocalist performing the song in the style of the original artist.

This way you can learn the right times to come in and get the style of the song down pat and when you think your good enough to go solo, just switch the the left track to switch off the vocalist and go for it.

This technique can help you improve your singing and performances, the other way is to record yourself, so you can hear how you sound, it might explain why the police keep showing up at your home on karaoke night or why the cat has moved house. The only way to know for sure is to record and then you can work on improving your vocal sound.

It was a very expense process for one our karaoke regulars who spent many hours at a recording studio. Over the last year he spent over $5000 recording his favourite songs making Cd's for his friends and family.

One day when he visited the store to purchase more songs, I learnt what he was doing with the songs. When he told me how much each session was costing him I said why don't you just get one of these, it costs less then half a recording session.

He looked at me like I was pulling his leg, can you really do that! Yes you can I said.

We have many different solutions for recording. There is a portable device which will connect to any Karaoke Machine with RCA audio outputs (which is every machine/player ever made has), this portable device will also connect to any amplifier or mixing desk console with either line or record output.

That means you can take this portable device which is the about double the size of a USB memory stick with you to the karaoke venues ask the DJ to connect it to the line out on his mixer press record when it's your turn and away it goes. 

It will record all the music and your voice straight to it's memory banks, when you're finished press the stop button and you can listen back via the headphones or connect it to your PC and take the songs off the device so you can play, mix, email, facebook, share or whatever you want to do with the songs. Sounds to good too be true? 

Then I better not mention what it costs because this device will give you change from a A$50 note and I am not talking cents either. 

This product is called the Recordio and you can get one from Karaoke Home Entertainment stores in Melbourne and Perth and online.

New Zealand:


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Why You Should Sing - Sing a Song!

A great article I found by Kevin Sinclair thought I would share it with you. 

Best known from the Carpenter's recording of the song, Joe Raposo's composition "Sing" is about as close to perfection as you can get; and carries a useful message. Science has now caught up with Mr. Raposo; studies show that singing makes you more relaxed and improves mood.

So why sing? And why sing out loud? There is no one right answer to this question. However, it seems almost everyone does have an answer to it.

Sing Out Loud, Sing Out Strong

Singing loudly requires you to take deep breaths, exercising your lungs and increasing their capacity. This in turn helps you to breathe better. For people who for one reason or another cannot take vigorous exercise, singing is a great thing.

Sing of good things, not bad

Singing lowers your stress level. Studies which have been done on the phenomena of "Road Rage" show that those who sing in their cars have a much lower incidence of road rage than do those who do not sing in their cars. A music director tells us: "You can't sing and hate at the same time".

Sing of happy, not sad

Singing is more cathartic than is speaking. Singing is a good way to work through negative emotions; being able to express oneself in this way (for instance, the blues) goes a long way towards alleviating depression, sorrow and frustration.

Make it simple to last your whole life long

Children who are taught with singing incorporated in to their lessons learn more quickly compared to those who are not taught in this way. The elderly who sing on a regular basis are less likely to exhibit symptoms of senility. The more you make singing a habit, the more benefits there are for you.

Don't worry if it's not good enough for anyone else to hear

We're not all gifted with a beautiful singing voice. However, singing provides a benefit regardless of what your voice is like and what you may choose to sing. Singing provides calm and sharpens the mind, no matter what the tune (even if you can't carry one yourself).

Just sing - sing a song

Mostly, people sing because it feels good to sing. They can express their emotions instead of bottling them up and reduce stress. You may want to try this yourself. You can have a much healthier, happier life if you just start belting out a tune next time the mood strikes and sing - sing a song!

Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of, a site that provides information and articles for musicians at all stages of their development.